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For Miranda

I have recently befriended an amazing woman named Miranda (aka Panda). She is probably at this moment HEAVILY pregnant with twins. Having only known her for a brief while but still finding such a DEEP love for her, I was inspired to share a bit of my style/ love language by making her some art. I knew I wanted it to be in the vein of the watercolour circles I’m such a fan of right now but I wanted to intuit what animal to use in the gift.

Cut to her baby shower. I found myself in the midst of a sea of people I didn’t know, watching her friends shower her with their love and joy. It was lovely, and I saw how calm and radiant Panda was…and then oh!! I met her partner Andre. He was this ray of sunshine too! What bliss…to know a few souls were coming into this world being held by two such sweet warm parents. His playful energy caught my imagination, and I realised Andre has sealed the deal. I was drawing foxes on the painting I’d started. So here’s the final piece, before I frame it and give it away. For my sweet friends.

May you have a healthy and beautiful birth and childhood, two little ones. However you two present, I know you will raised in a house full of laughter and play. Can’t wait to meet you.

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