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Podcast Miniseries Release: project 1 of many

The Rudo Love Podcast is here my darlings! Since 2019 I’ve been seeing this lovely fellow and one of the many reasons I’m so grateful we’ve found sweet bliss in each other’s company is because he is a massive audio geek. When I confessed I had always wanted to record my voice, in particular on a podcast of my own, he sprung into action and researched all the tech I would need and the most effective ways to be a good podcaster. I am so proud to release one of many podcast projects I know I will do. This is my first, and I’ve already learned SO DAMN MUCH. What an incredible exercise in dedication, consistency, rules of engagement, and creative practices that require BRAVERY. Please head on over to any of your podcasting platforms (let me know if I don’t show up I’ll get it there) to subscribe and hopefully enjoy supporting…The Rudo Love Podcast! A miniseries of anecdotes and interviews tailored for the inquisitive souls of today. I’ve already released a few episodes, so feel to pick and choose as you go. Or just listen to the latest you come across! One is coming out in a few days in fact! I upload weekly.

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