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What exhibiting my art has done for me

Oh my goodness. In 2021 I started showing my artwork to the public. I haven’t done this since I was a teenager. What took me 20 years you may wonder?? Well for one I was terrified of rejection…also one gallery owner said my work was GOOD but “it wouldn’t sell here in this suburb so I really can’t show it”…also art school studio critiques KILLED my confidence. So I just never showed my work. I said “I’ll get the overies/bravery for this when I’m an old lady and couldn’t care less what people think.” Man I’m glad I met Rosa. Because she has this gallery space now, The Peace Palace…and she really encouraged me to show the work. The combination of her being my soul sister and huge believer in me, and her pure desire to see me grow gave me the COURAGE to just go for it. I was in safe hands. And my goodness did it feel amazing to treat myself like a real artist again. I promoted the show, I made artist statements, I did a live feed of the show for those in other countries..I mean I am just so much more solid in the fact that my art is worth sharing. What a game changer this is. So, I urge you creative souls reading this…be brave. Who cares if someone won’t get it, because someone else will and you will certainly be wiser and bolder for having put yourself out there. You get it babe. Get it.

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