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Upcoming show all about relating to the body

Hey sweet one. I’m proud to say I am on a healing journey involving loving my body. Unconditional love. How radical is that? Well it is for me, because all my life I’ve felt the urge to FIX MY BODY, it was always too fat in my opinion. Doesn’t help that doctors also told me to lose weight EVERYTIME I went to the doctors no matter if I were there for a related to weight issue or not. Anyway the point of my story is that through the journey of radical self-acceptance I am now able to draw self-portraits. As an artist, I can tell you it is a GREAT AND IMPORTANT challenge to do self-portraits, they are a great exercise in subject/object perspective switching, great methods for processing how you feel about yourself, and an awesome story-telling tool. But I have always struggled with self-portraits because I saw myself as deeply flawed. I have always like my facial features and my boobs but NOTHING else. And now I love it all because it IS ME. It houses my spirit, it allows me to move through this world, it carries me and it carried my child…it is a vehicle for intense sensual joy and erotism…I mean it’s my magical wonderful body!! And now I’m doing a whole show with about 25% self-portraits in it! I. am. floored. And so excited to invite you to that show, you may have noticed the previous blog post, that’s my flyer. How cool is that?

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