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Sculptures made of light

I’m more of a painter than a sculptor. This doesn’t reflect my passion as much as the convenience of making. Creating things like this are hard. And making it outdoors, battling wind and humidity were not kind to my sanity. But the actual magic of making something that takes up space…especially a public festival space…wow. It was incredible and something I feel adds whimsy and gives a nod to naturally occurring forms for the festival goers. There were a lot of awesome artworks at this Spirit Fest, but I was caught in the vortex of overwhelm and madly rushing to finish this in one day that I forgot to take any pictures other than these…Definitely something that requires a team I think. My sweet sister helped me with glue and tissue paper and holding found sticks together as I worked to build in the midst of this odd wind tunnel between a grove of pines. I should have hooked up with a photographer to ensure it had be captured well! Thanks to Kadby for randomly taking a pic that I was able to use. I think he took a lot of photos, perhaps I’lll search the Spirit Fest site one day. It was a little raw and intense so I confess here is a little wall between trials and tribulations and the craft itself. It feels temporal and of a moment. But worth sharing the bits that I have left of the memory.

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